My Grace is Sufficient For Thee

November/December 2017, Volume 99, Number 6 “So tremendous, however, were the revelations that God gave me that, in order to prevent my becoming absurdly conceited, I was given a physical handicap — one of Satan’s angels — to harass me and effectually stop any conceit. Three times I begged the Lord for it to leave me, but his reply has been,”My grace is enough for you: for where there is weakness, my power is shown the more completely.” Therefore I have cheerfully []

Blessed Be the Tie That Binds

November/December 2017, Volume 99, Number 6 “And they began to weep aloud and embraced Paul, and repeatedly kissed him, grieving especially over the word which he had spoken, that they would not see his face again” (Acts 20:37,38 NASB. Other scriptures from the Good News Translation, unless otherwise noted). Michael Colletti Listen to audio… The title is a wonderful expression of Christian fellowship. It says we are blessed because we have a bond of love and friendship. But what is real Chris- []

Rejoicing With Unbearable Sorrow

November/December 2017, Volume 99, Number 6 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4 NASB). (The following article is based on a personal testimony written by a mother who lost her young son in a tragic accident. The article appears as a personal testimony edited for publication. Consistent with the mother’s request, we include a brief tribute to her son at the close of the article.) Rachel Kraynick Listen to audio… We all face hardship, challenges, and difficulties []

Count Your Many Blessings

November/December 2017, Volume 99, Number 6 “Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders which You have done … If I would declare and speak of them, they would be too numerous to count” (Psalms 40:5 NASB). Ryan, Lisa, and Rosalie Hangs Listen to audio… Note: It has been seven years since Lisa Hangs suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, caused by a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Thankfully, the Lord overruled the matter and despite being at a work conference several hours away, it was []


November/December 2017, Volume 99, Number 6 Gratitude “Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song, And His praise in the congregation of the godly ones” (Psalms 149:1. All scriptures from NASB). Kent and Sean Humphreys Listen to audio… The word “Thanksgiving” has a far-reaching meaning. Typically, when one hears this word, they envision a banquet table overflowing with delicious food and surrounded by hungry appetites! In the United States, the annual celebration of Thanksgiving takes place in the month of November. It is a time when families come []