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THE REVISED VERSION (American Edition) Improved and Corrected from manuscripts discovered and published to A.D. 1999

Interview with Jim Parkinson

  • Bible Manuscripts and how to get the most out of using the RVIC
  • Talking about an updated bible translation, the Revised Version…

HBP E8 The RVIC Bible with Jim Parkinson Part 1

HBP E8 The RVIC Bible with Jim Parkinson Part 2

RVIC 2018-pdf

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  1. Made Title corrections to Leviticus, Matthew, Acts, Hebrews, Old Testament Cover, New Testament Cover, and NT Appendix 3.
  2. Other minor updates and corrections made.

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Old Testament 

Cover and Preface Proverbs
Genesis (The 1st Book of Moses) Ecclesiastes
Exodus (The 2nd Book of Moses) Song of Solomon (Canticles)
Leviticus (The 3rd Book of Moses) Isaiah
Numbers (The 4th Book of Moses) Jeremiah
Deuteronomy (The 5th Book of Moses) Lamentations
Joshua Ezekiel
Judges Daniel
Ruth Hosea
1 Samuel (1 Kings) Joel
2 Samuel (2 Kings) Amos
1 Kings (3 Kings) Obadiah
2 Kings (4 Kings) Jonah
1 Chronicles Micah
2 Chronicles Nahum
Ezra Habakkuk
Nehemiah Zephaniah
Esther Haggai
Job Zechariah
Psalms Malachi
Appendix 1 – Ancient Manuscripts and Versions
Appendix 2 – Translation
Appendix 3 – Chronologies and Bible Events

New Testament 

Cover and Preface 2nd Thessalonians
Matthew 1st Timothy
Mark 2nd Timothy
Luke Titus
John Philemon
Acts Hebrews
Romans James
1st Corinthians 1st Peter
2nd Corinthians 2nd Peter
Galatians 1st John
Ephesians 2nd John
Philippians 3rd John
Colossians Jude
1st Thessalonians Revelation
Appendix 1 – Ancient New Testament Manuscripts and Versions
Appendix 2 – Comments on Translation
Appendix 3 – Accuracies of English Language Versions
James Parkinson

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  1. Why are the first 11 verses of John chapter 8 missing from this translation? Please would you let me know?

    • John 7:53 to 8:11 are omitted in the oldest Greek manuscripts and therefore likely not part of the original text written by the Apostle John. However, the lesson taught seems quite instructive.

    • That verses are not in the original scriptures ….in old translations of Bible that verses are placed …in new translations that are omitted

  2. HI, I notice that John Chapter 8 seems to be missing some verses, as it starts at v 12. Verses 1 to 11 (inclusive) seem to be missing. Regards Henry Kramer.

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