Giving Thanks Or Murmuring

November / December 2017 Volume 99, Number 6 “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18. All scriptures from NASB unless noted otherwise). Listen to audio… Thanksgiving and murmuring are words that contrast the Christian’s attitude toward the experiences that the Heavenly Father gives them as they walk the narrow way. This conflict can have a profound effect on the believer, fostering or trying God’s purpose through these experiences. Those who have a []

In the Beginning

Difficult Scriptures Listen to audio:  Though most of the Bible is easily understood, some verses are difficult. Some may be difficult for the reader, while some may be difficult to explain to others. Various sections consider questions about Death, God, Atonement, Christian Living, and three sections considering things to happen from now until the eternal Kingdom of God. Some examples of each section are: (1) Unwise punctuation unintentionally makes it seem as though Jesus was promising to take the thief with him to a paradise in []

Difficult Scriptures About Death, Hell, Heaven, and Earth

Listen to audio:  ● Luke 23:43. Today in Paradise? Was Jesus promising the thief hell? The text in the King James Version implies that Jesus promised this man an immediate life in Paradise, ostensibly to be realized on the very day of their crucifixion. However, Acts 2:22-32 states that Jesus was in “hell” after his crucifixion, and Acts 10:40 assures us that God did not raise Jesus up until the third day. Did Jesus in fact promise this thief a resurrection in hell? []