In the Beginning

The Epistle of 1st Corinthians

The Apostle Paul’s letter of 1st Corinthians covered a broad spectrum of issues and questions that faced not only the church at Corinth but brethren living all down through the Gospel Age.

The Epistle of 1st Corinthians

This issue of the Herald provides an overview of Paul’s epistle of 1st Corinthians and what spiritual lessons we should derive from it.

The Church of God at Corinth explores the ecclesia to which Paul wrote, the environment in which they dwelt, and how this epistle fit into Paul’s communications with them.

An Apostle by the Will of God reviews the challenges Paul faced in his work as an apostle while ministering to this ecclesia.

The problems of divisions in the Corinthian church and how to overcome them is the subject of Let There Be No Divisions Among You.

Building the Temple of God considers the apostle’s advice on how the brethren should build spiritually so their work will pass the fiery test which will try it.

Paul’s counsel on the challenge each child of God and each ecclesia faces in putting off sin is reviewed in Purging Out the Old Leaven.

Husbands and Wives in the Church discusses Paul’s advice to men, women, husbands and wives within the church.

Let Us Keep the Feast explores Paul’s advice on how to celebrate our Lord’s Memorial properly.

The work of God’s holy Spirit in the church, including the gifts of the Spirit given to the early church, is the subject of By One Spirit.

The Most Excellent Way of Love reviews Paul’s treatise on agape love found in chapter 13.

Finally, Now is Christ Risen discusses Paul’s teachings on the resurrection found in chapter 15.

May this review of Paul’s longest epistle stir our hearts and minds to a greater understanding of the Gospel message and greater zeal and faithfulness in being conformed to the image of God’s dear son.

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