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“The Bible Students’ Library” 3
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This one DVD “book shelf” contains every­thing that was on version 2.0 plus much more. Everything is searchable with Adobe Acrobat 7 or 8 which can be installed from this DVD.

Pastor Russell    Virtually everything he wrote

Bibles                 Over twenty translations

Children             Twenty-five books for children and young adults

Commentaries    Nearly fifty commentaries on books of the Bible (fourteen on the book of Revelation alone)

Devotions          Thirty-six devotionals for Christian meditation and prayer

Doctrine              Booklets and tracts, magazines covering an almost 100-year period, chronological resources, and other doctrinal materials.

The Herald          All issues of this journal from 1918 through January 2007.

History                Nearly 150 Jewish and Christian history resources as well as several historical references on Pastor Russell, the Bible Students, and original source materials to help Bible Students trace the origins of their doctrines.

References         Dictionaries, Maps, Charts, and Lexicons

Treatises             Treatises, discourses, and complete convention reports spanning a period from 1904 through 2006.

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