The Glory of God Revealed


Great God who has forever been,
Whom thru thy Word we know
As giver of each perfect gift
To creatures here below.

In wonders of thy Universe
Thy power is not concealed.
For day to day and night to night
Thy glory is revealed.

To prophets and those Saints of old
Thy might and power were shown.
They bowed in awe before thy face –
In reverence sought thy throne.

Thou art revealed in thy great plan,
Lost Eden to restore.
When all mankind shall live again
In peace forever more.

For by thy love thou did’st send forth
Thine only Son to die.
That he might pay the debt of sin
That o’er the world doth lie.

When to the earth thy Kingdom comes,
Thy glory shall be shown
In love revealed to all the world
Thy name shall then be known.

—Alice Ripper, Poems of the Way


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