2014 Issues

2014 Issues of Herald Magazine

In the Beginning

Biblical Heroes The Apostle Paul encouraged us in the Book of Hebrews to look to the faithful men and women of the past as worthy examples for life lessons. Faith was the main ingredient in their lives but how did they activate that faith and how was it put in play in every corner of their lives? Some of the most valuable treasure in the scriptures is the examples of those who have lived a life for God. “Specific, Individual Assignments” looks []

Noah and Moses

Specific, Individual Assignments “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews  11:1  ASV). Benjamin Stein Listen to audio  Noah and Moses played major and historic roles in God’s plan. Their convictions and consecrations to the Lord’s service are powerful examples for us even today. Noah and Moses both gave their will, their life, their everything, in service to God. Their experiences were similar: each displayed leadership under extreme pressure, each endured difficult trials, and each []