In the Beginning

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The Apostle Paul encouraged us in the Book of Hebrews to look to the faithful men and women of the past as worthy examples for life lessons. Faith was the main ingredient in their lives but how did they activate that faith and how was it put in play in every corner of their lives? Some of the most valuable treasure in the scriptures is the examples of those who have lived a life for God.

“Specific, Individual Assignments” looks at the lives of Noah and Moses. The conviction of Noah was shown in spending a hundred years of his life preparing for something that others did not believe in. The humility of Moses was displayed in trusting God even though he did not trust in himself.

“A Genuine Christian Life” looks at the heart of David and finds a pattern for ourselves.

When David was a shepherd, he acted like a King and when he was King, he remained a shepherd. David’s struggle between what he knew to be right and what his flesh wanted is a cautionary tale for us who desire to live after the spirit.

“Rahab, Deborah, and Ruth” examines three very different faithful women, their hopes, their dreams, and the realities of their lives. How was their rugged individualism used by God? How were they able to stay true to their desire to serve and please God through great difficulty?

“The Right Place and the Right Time” looks at the life situations of Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalene, Lydia, and Priscilla. It ex‑ amines individual vignettes that would have made them or broken them. How did each of them deal with Jesus and the Gospel? What were they each willing to give up in order for the Gospel to prosper?

“Born to a Destiny” looks at the life and work of John the Baptist, who announced the Messiah at the end of the Jewish Age. It finds patterns for our life and work of announcing the Messiah at the end of the Gospel Age. What character qualities does God most admire in His servants? This article mines hidden trea‑ sure for us in the difficult reality of the life of John the Baptist.

“Two Sides of Faith” compares and contrasts the calling and life of the Apostle Peter with that of the Apostle Paul. In Peter and Paul, we find two major patterns for the temperament and character of the people whom God calls to be part of the Gospel Age Church. As with Peter, if God calls us through inspiration, He will develop our faith in knowledge. As with Paul, if we come to God through knowledge, He will provide the inspiration we need to complete our faith equally in love and in knowledge.

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