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Christian DevelopmentThe importance of Christian character development cannot be overemphasized. This workbook presents questions regarding faith, humility, patience, brotherly kindness, and many other important character traits. A thorough discussion of these important qualities is given. Supplement your doctrinal studies with a practical examination of your own character.

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“Daniel the Beloved of Jehovah” has been a blessing and encouragement to many over the course of nearly a century since it was written. The God-given prophecies contained in the book of Daniel were intended to shine as a light in a dark place until the dawning of our day, to those who give heed to them. We urge the reader to study these deep truths with a fresh and open mind so the light of prophecy can help lead your path.

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“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” combines the original two volume set into one handsomely bound edition. It was originally published in 1923, just months before the author’s death. He was a deep student of prophesy. This book will be a valuable help in understanding the intricate symbolism of Revelation. Brother Streeter was one of the founding fathers of the Pastoral Bible Institute and we are happy that we can once again share his inspirational writings with all who want to learn more about — The Revelation of Jesus Christ!

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too-many-doors-cover“Too Many Doors”, written by the late director and editor Bro. Carl Hagensick, tells the story of young Tim Hendrix and his struggles of mind over seeking the status of a conscientious
objector to participation in military service. It reminds our youth that, although the draft ended in 1973, they should prepare themselves for the possibility of similar challenges in the future.
The Pastoral Bible Institute is glad to offer this novelette free of charge. Additional copies are only $1.00.
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Free Booklets

    You may view the booklet on your screen by clicking on the “Title”. Five booklets listed below are available free within US from the Pastoral Bible Institute. You just click “Free Booklets” in the shopping cart above, and you will be taken to a page to  make your choices.
  1. Armageddon, Then World Peace – Soon a final global conflict will destroy man’s corrupt institutions and usher in God’s glorious kingdom of peace and prosperity for all.  
  2. Comfort and Consolation – A message of hope for those bereaved by the death of a loved one.
  3. Future Probation in Christian – Belief A historic look at what leading Christian thinkers taught about future probation.
  4. How God Answers Prayer – Explains how we can be sure God will answer our prayers.  
  5. How to study the Bible and have it make sense – A sensible approach to personal Bible study.
  6. Israel and the Middle East – The Arab-Israel conflict examined in the light of biblical prophecy.  
  7. Paul to Philemon – Looking into the story of a slave and his master who both became bond slaves of Christ.
  8. The Antiquity of the Books of Moses – Defending the authenticity of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible.  
  9. The Kingdom of God and Creation-(soon to be added
  10. The Last Supper – A Dialog of three views.
  11. The Personality of the Devil – A treatise dealing with the reality of Satan
  12. The Promise of His Presence – Reviewing the “signs of the times” which indicate the second presence of Jesus Christ.  
  13. The Resurrection of the Dead – Showing what the resurrection will mean, both for the church and for the rest of mankind.
  14. What is the Soul? – The Bible’s own definition of the human soul.
  15. What Say the Scriptures About Hell! – Examining every text which use the Hebrew and Greek words translated “hell” in the King James Bible.  
  16. When Pastor Russell Died – A historic review of the events which followed the death of this noted Bible scholar and lecturer.
  17. Why Does God Permit Evil? – A biblical and faith-strengthening answer for one of the most difficult questions for man to answer.

Large Booklets (Not to be included in the list of five free ones)

  1. Creation …. Creation updated 2022 – 3rd edition (pdf)
  2. God’s Grand Plan of the Ages – The key ideas from the Christian classic, “The Divine Plan of the Ages,” expressed in modern English. 
  3. The Doctrine of Christ – A thorough examination of the biblical and historical evidence on the nature of God.
  4. This Land Is Mine – A scriptural approach to the border disputes between Israel and the Arabs
  5. What Everyone Should Know About Being Saved – Saying a few words is not enough.

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  1. I am from Newfounfland, Canada I finally found the truth that I longed for, may God bless us all as we enter the truth.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your commendable work in the Lord. My name is Marina. I’m from India.

    May I ask a favor of you. Is it possible to have a copy of the RVIC version of the Bible in PDF or audio format.

    Do let me know.

    Thank you and regards,


    • Hello Marina, The RVIC is available from the tab at the top of this page. Please click on the tab and the RVIC will open. A pdf can be downloaded. The RVIC is now also available in print and can be ordered from HERE.

  3. Thank you very much for the booklets and I love the Herald magazine. I wished I would of found out about your site earlier. You have so much information that has helped me to grow closer to knowing the Lord, and I thank the Lord for you all. You all have been such a blessing. I look forward to receiving my new magazine every month.

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