Table of Content – July/August 2023

Volume 105, Number 4

In the Beginning – Sermons and Teachings of Jesus

Our Lord’s sermons and lessons provide vital information for the growth of every new creature. It is thus imperative that we learn and remember his teachings. This issue offers a brief outline of some important lessons he conveyed. …read more.

Sermons and Teachings of Jesus

A Reed Shaken by the Wind – John the Baptist

Our Lord Jesus had been preaching and healing the sick, the blind, the lame and raising the dead back to life. During this time, he was visited by disciples of John the Baptist, when he had been imprisoned. …read more.

A Reed Shaken by the Wind

Lessons from Nazareth – Early Experiences

After Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, he was led by the spirit into the wilderness of Judea. There he spent 40 days and nights praying to his Father and contemplating the great work that lie ahead. …read more.

Lessons from Nazareth

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount – The Spirit of the Law

God wanted Israel to love Him. He wanted them to understand His purposes, the reasons for His laws, and the effect that sacrifices were supposed to have on their hearts. Instead, they viewed God’s laws as a series of traditions, and many persisted in aiming to achieve worldly success. …read more.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Parables by the Sea – Narratives with Meaning

Not only the apostles and disciples saw the spirit of God in our Lord, but even temple officers remarked, “No one ever spoke like this man!” (John 7:46 ESV). It is difficult to understand why anyone would not follow such a man if invited. The time his disciples spent with him was their greatest experience in life. …read more.

Parables by the Sea

News and Views – Current Events

See religious, political, social, financial and Israel-related items of interest …read more.

News and Views – Current Events

Today in Prophecy – Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction at the beginning of the twentieth century created a fascination with artificially intelligent robots. As computer technology advanced, the term artificial intelligence (AI) appeared in 1956 from the pen of American computer scientist John McCarthy, who defined it as “getting a computer to do things which, when done by people, are said to involve intelligence.” …read more.

Artificial Intelligence

Truly Righteous or Merely Religious – Our Goal

Despite witnessing the ministry of Jesus first‑hand, the hearts of most Pharisees were not moved. Instead, they sought ways to stumble and test him. In Matthew 23 Jesus directly addresses the obstinance of the Pharisees by exposing how their faith had drifted into a mere form of religion. …read more.

Truly Righteous or Merely Religious

The Fig Tree: An Anchor in the Stream of Time – Putting Forth Leaves

The ability to discern the current point in time with respect to God’s plan for mankind has long been of importance to His followers. As the current Gospel Age draws to a close, this need has become even more critical. During his ministry, Jesus spoke to his disciples at length about the end of the age, and the importance for God’s followers to recognize the transition that would be taking place. …read more.

The Fig Tree

Signs of Thy Presence – Apparent Today

After preaching in the temple, the disciples wanted to show Jesus the beautiful buildings of the temple complex. Originally rebuilt by Zerubbabel (Ezra 6:15), the temple was greatly expanded and improved upon by Herod. …read more

Signs of Thy Presence

Jesus’ Farewell Discourse – Caring for Them Until the End

In his final days on earth, Jesus spent precious time with his disciples. He prepared them for the difficult experiences to come and comforted them with words they would later recall. In John 13, he not only emphasized the importance of humility, but also demonstrated the lifestyle of a true servant. …read more.

Jesus’ Farewell Discourse
Light of the World