Special History Issue

herald history issue

In the Beginning

Christians Before the Reformation

A brief scan of Christian history prior to 1517 A,D.

The Reformation and Martin Luther

Recounts the progress in the Christian world from the Reformation in the Napoleonic era

The Midnight Cry

Christendom became aware of the second advent of Jesus Christ through the ministry of William Miller

Heroes of Our Faith

The teachings of many nineteenth century Bible scholars contributed to the beliefs of Bible Students

A New Wine Bottle

Outlines the start and importance of the work and ministry of Pastor Charles Taze Russell

The Harvest Movement

The activities of the “harvest” at the end of this Gospel age energized all the brethren

Troubled Years

The death of Pastor Russell brought painful experiences to those who looked to him for leadership


Reviews the many movements of the present time whose roots are in the teachings of Pastor Russell;

“His Pulpit Was the World”

Identifies the spread of Bible Students and their doctrine around the globe.

A Delightful Inheritance

Truth is precious. Let us never compromise it.

Bible Student Beliefs

A short list of beliefs shared by the Bible Student Community.

A Timeline of Church History

Important dates in the history of the Christian church and of the Bible Student History

In Memoriam – C. T. R.

A poem commemorating the death of Charles Taze Russell

 Brief Biographies

· Henry Dunn · Henry Grew · Dunbar Isidore Heath · Dwight Moody · Isaac Newton · George Stetson · George Storrs · R. E. Streter · W. Norman Woodworth

Short Features

Close Your Eyes for a Moment.

Truth, is Like a Flower

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