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Faithful Women in the Bible

This Herald issue celebrates the lives and examples of faithful women of the Bible through the lens of the Apostle Peter’s eight graces of the Spirit (2 Peter 1:5‑8). Each author was assigned one of those graces and asked to provide insights into faithful women of the Bible exemplifying that grace.

An alphabetical insert of all the faithful women in the Bible is included. This insert is designed for the reader to easily remove and slip into their Bible for future reference. The articles consider 25 of the 52 women listed in the infographic.

Women of Faith considers Rahab, Jephthah’s daughter, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. How did each respond in faith to thei unprecedented, life‑changing experiences? How did they teach us to respond when we find ourselves in a similar crisis?

Women of Virtue examines Leah and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Against all odds, how did their submission to God result in a life of virtue? How can the chiseling and shaping of our characters lead to virtue in our lives?

Servants of God by Knowledge considers Eve, Rahab, Martha and Mary of Bethany, and Priscilla. What did they know? How did they act on their knowledge? How did their growth in knowledge draw them closer to God?

Women of Self‑Control turns to Eve, Abigail, Sarah, and Ruth. How did each show us that self‑control is self‑discipline combined with a sound mind? How is emotional fear in opposition to self‑control? How did these women move from self‑reliance to self‑control?

Women of Patience considers Esther, Anna the Prophetess, Mary the mother of Jesus, Jochebed, the Shunammite woman, and the widow of Zarephath. How did patience in each of these faithful women develop strength and consistency of character?

Godliness looks at Deborah, Naomi, Esther, and Mary Magdalene. How did a commitment to godliness prepare them for opportunities? Facing certain disasters, how did godliness overcome fear?

Love, Agapao and Phileo deals with Rebekah, Deborah, an unnamed wise woman, the unnamed maid‑slave of Naaman, Jehosheba, and the sinful woman to whom Jesus showed mercy. How did these women demonstrate two different types of love, and thus please God?

A Mother’s Love considers the Shunammite woman, who implored Elisha for life for her son. This experience has prophetic lessons of God’s care for Israel. Why was Elisha’s first effort insufficient? How did that provide a second test of faith, and a wonderful result?

We trust that considering the powerful stories included herein will increase your faith.

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