In the Beginning

The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles

This issue takes us through The Acts of the Apostles and the amazing transitions in the years following Jesus’ crucifixion. A start-up faith in the Roman Empire would be treacherous by any measure. But through the power of God, His resurrected son our Lord Jesus Christ, and the holy Spirit, the early church was born, never to fade away.

These articles explore the events gracing each page of this remarkable record. Each article provides rich context and detail for how we may also live our lives in the power of God’s Spirit. Their testimonies resonate through the Gospel Age to fan the flame of faith in us.

Author and Origin of the Book of Acts — explores the possible reason why the Acts of the Apostles was actually written. It is not an epistle or a gospel. Acts is a different genre than any other book in the New Testament.

1-2, A City Set on a Hill — investigates how Jesus kept faith alive in the hearts and minds of his struggling disciples. What experiences did he provide for them to grow in authentic faith and to share it with the lost sheep of Israel?

3-5, The Establishment of the Church — begins with Peter healing a man lame from birth, considers his speeches before the Sanhedrin, and an experimental economic model that represented their best efforts to live their faith.

6-9, Change, Adversity, and Sanctification — considers change as the constant that led the early church through adversity and toward their sanctification. Ironically, Stephen’s murder and the scattering of brethren led to the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch and Saul of Tarsus.

10-12, Explosive Growth — considers Peter’s use of the second key of the heavenly kingdom, unlocking The Way for Gentiles. It explores varied experiences of saints by contrasting the murder of James with the release of Peter.

13-15, Paul’s New Faith — lists five lessons for us to consider from the experience of Paul’s new faith and his integration into the work of the ministry with Barnabas and John Mark.

16-18, Paul’s Second Missionary Journey — shows the inspiring results of Paul’s selection as an Apostle. Blazing a path through Turkey, converting Lydia and the jailor with their households, Paul’s singleness of purpose and resilience inspires us.

19-21, The Tireless Apostle Paul — puts us in the boat with Paul on his journey toward Jerusalem where he knew he would somehow be sent to Rome. This article joins us with the emotional brethren who kissed his neck and showered him with blessings of love and care.

22-28, Just Like Jesus — puts us in a front-row seat as the Apostle Paul delivers his final testimony before brethren in Jerusalem. We feel the hatred of his Jewish enemies, their demand for his death, and we see him turning his face westward for his final journey — toward Rome and toward the end of his mission.

We trust that this consideration of The Acts of the Apostles will increase your faith.

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