In the Beginning

The Miracle of Israel

This issue celebrates the 72nd anniversary of re-establishing the Nation of Israel. It considers Ezekiel 37, the vision of the valley of dry bones. The articles follow this prophecy through seven stages, a framework for
all scriptures about the restoration of Israel.

This issue includes a 25-inch foldout insert, a timeline of markers in the restoration of Israel. On its back is a beautiful poem by Hayyim
Nahman N. Bialik (1891), helpful in reinvigorating Jewish yearnings for the Promised Land.

“Parable of the Fig Tree” provides beautiful lessons from Jesus’ enduring prophecy, being fulfilled in our lifetime. It describes the meaning of this prophecy for two ages and shows that the restoration of Israel takes place
during the invisible presence of Christ.

“The Word of the LORD to the Bones” considers how God’s word for restoring Israel was given to Jesus and confirmed by God through the oath-bound covenant of Isaiah 54. It proposes that the bones are the Jewish people with interesting details about their regathering.

“Noise and Earthquake” describes geopolitical maneuvering among powerful nations that provided the legal and economic opportunity for Jews to return to the Promised Land. It considers Satan’s efforts to scuttle Jewish Aliyah as well as God’s providential oversight.

“Bones Coming Together” paints the picture of a valley of dried human bones and explores the life-infusing dynamics of biblical Zionism proposed by Pastor Russell, with secular Zionism begun by Theodore Herzl. How
did these two philosophical platforms bring Jews together in community and into their land?

“Tendons and Flesh” explores literary and historical testimonies of the rise and fall of influence among the elite nations of the world in order to forward the fulfillment of God’s word. It begins with the Ottoman Empire under Turkish rule and transitions through the British Mandate which preceded the rise of Israel as a predestined nation.

“Prophesy to the Breath from Four Winds” considers the prophetic pause between flesh covering the body and God’s Spirit coming into it. What are the signs we should look for as this step is just before us?

“Breathe on These Slain, That They Come to Life” considers the end of Ezekiel’s prophecy and events preceding Israel entering the New Covenant relationship with God.

“A Testimony: An Israeli Citizen’s View of Prophetic Fulfillment” shares a personal reflection on all of the beautiful prophecies as the Jewish people build a nation and a social experience at a speed beyond compare. Our dear brother Tim Thomassen inspired the writing of this article by his dear friend Sister Hava Bausch, two months before his passing.

We trust that considering “The Miracle of Israel” will increase your faith.

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