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A Time to Remember Jesus

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As we approach the Memorial season, our thoughts turn more frequently to the final days of our Lord here on earth. Despite the extreme challenges he would face in his final days, Jesus’ maintained a focus on preparing the disciples for his departure. This issue begins with the question Are YouReady? Each of us ought to begin the Memorial season with introspection and prayer. We need to make amends for our known offenses, and reinforce our efforts to examine our commitment to transforming our lives to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

No Other Name examines the importance of understanding Jesus role in salvation. The Apostle Peter provides several lessons in his comment to the Jewish leaders soon after Pentecost that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection were a testimony to his legitimacy as God’s son and the ransom for all mankind.

Lessons from the Master Teacher discusses one of Jesus’ last acts with his disciples — washing their feet before the Memorial supper. It was in this rite that Jesus drew one of his most powerful and difficult lessons — the need for absolute humility by the follower of Christ.

Jesus’ Last Questions draws lessons from the seven powerful questions Jesus asked of his disciples during the final days of his ministry. These questions are as pertinent today as they were at the time of Jesus, and provide a key opportunity for us to clarify our role in representing Jesus in these final days of the Gospel age.

In Bread and Cup, several pictures from the Old Testament are examined that foreshadowed the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and his final days with his disciples, including the reason behind the particular Memorial emblems. A list of future Memorial dates is also given.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life discusses the most remarkable miracle of Jesus’ ministry, the raising of Lazarus after four days.

Honoring Memorial Principles, the final article, examines the two principles of righteousness and justice relating to Jesus’ sacrifice. Special attention is given to examining Psalm 22, from which Jesus quoted extensively while on the cross, and the prophecies of Isaiah.

The editors of The Herald pray for the Lord’s blessing to all of our readers as we prepare for partaking of the Lord’s Memorial. May we all rejoice in the opportunity to serve another year and follow the commission to continue our walk in the narrow way until we can realize the blessings of his Kingdom.



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