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September/October 20162016Esmall

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The promises of God are unlike any made by man. Vast in number, their scope and meaning are beyond what man could offer. With God, a promise is a guarantee to action. He will do all that He has promised, in His due time. A key to believing in God is understanding that His wisdom will not always give the answer we want, or in the time frame we prefer. He never makes a mistake in the method and timing of His will. Therefore, in order for God’s promises to bring comfort and rest of heart, we must be willing to accept His methods and His timing. As a Christian sees the reality of how His words can be a source of strength, their trust in Him grows and God’s promises become more real. With such a hope, this issue on “Precious Promises” is shared. The limited space allotted forces us to examine only a few of God’s precious words.

Growing in Christ discusses the importance of developing Christ-like character fruitage. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, sustained by God’s Spirit. To abide in the vine requires discipline, obedience and a willingness to accept God’s pruning experiences.

Always Pray and Never Lose Hope examines the proper requests that can be made to God. The author shares a personal experience in his young Christian life of how an answered prayer strengthened his faith. Lastly, the little word “If ” reveals that some of God’s promises are conditional upon our own actions.

Growth through Trials considers the strengthening effects of our trials and God’s promises to assist us, not only to endure them, but to triumph through them.

When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong describes how understanding the plan of God allows us to see that “the avenue to human perfection will be through the experience with sin and imperfection.” As New Creatures, blessed with the merit of Christ, we can overcome our natural weaknesses and come “boldly unto the throne of grace … [for] help in time of need.”

Eye Hath Not Seen explores some of the future prospects waiting for the consecrated ofthis age. In selecting a bride for our Lord, God seeks very specific qualities. This precious relationship will bring “fullness of joy” to this little flock, as it receives a new name, a crown of life, and a wonderful hope of sharing in the future, yet unrevealed, works of God.

Finally, Trusting the Promises encourages each Christian to plant God’s promises deep within the heart and learn to trust them implicitly. The “roadblocks” strewn in our paths can be overcome, as we learn to look at life through the eyes of God and not through the fallen flesh. Some specific roadblocks are examined, and the promises that help us to overcome them are shared. “Trust is the heart application of faith.”

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