Table of Contents -September/October 2015


1. In the Beginning

The rebirth of Israel has been one of the great hope-inspiring events of our times.  It is evidence that God not only keeps His promises, but that the establishment of His Kingdom is very near…read more
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2. The Apple of His Eye -A Watchful Eye Through Many Troubles

The phrase “apple (pupil) of His eye” is found a number of times in the scriptures…read more
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3.  Rebirth of a Nation -A Modern Day Miracle

As the end of Israel’s period of disfavor approached (1878), God began setting the stage for bringing His people home. Palestine was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and Jews were scattered throughout the world. How was God going to bring them home at the right time, according to His promises?…read more
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4.  Israel’s Contributions to the World -Potential for Blessing

Through technololgy, environmental innovations, medical discoveries and humanitarian aid, Israel has made outstanding contributions to the world today…read more

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5.  News and Views- Current Events

Religion has a robust following among hina’ younger generation despite the country’s rule…read more
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6.  Today in Prophecy -Shift in World Demographics

According to most recent world population projections, the number of people populating our planet increases by 145 each minute…read more
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7.  Anti-Semitism and Israel- A Present Problem

In September, 2014, anti-Israel rallies and anti-Semitic attacks broke our across Europe.  Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, observed: Not a single Jewish institution in Germany can go without police protection today.”…read more
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8.  Numbering the People- Mistake and Punishment

What was King David’s grave sin that cused great pain to many people?…read more
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9. Lessons from Solomon’s Temple- A Picture of the Church Class

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?…read more
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10. Back Cover

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