In the Beginning -The Apple of God’s Eye

The rebirth of Israel has been one of the great hope-inspiring events of our times. It is evidence that God not only keeps His promises, but that the establishment of His Kingdom is very near.

“The Apple of His Eye” traces the scriptural accounts using this phrase, describing God’s special love and care for Israel. But God’s favor was lost for a time as Israel endured her 1845 years of punishment. Since that time, the Jewish people have experienced great persecution. This article provides a partial list of events down through the Gospel Age that brought distress and persecution upon Jews. The words of Zechariah also predicted dire consequences on those who have mistreated God’s people with such vengeance. He said that God would shake His hand against any who touched “the apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8, 9).

“Rebirth of a Nation — A Modern Day Miracle” reviews some of the events that led up to Israel’s rebirth. It endeavors to trace God’s hand as He overruled political and military events to overcome overwhelming odds. Ezer Weizman, IDF Chief of Operations during the Six Day War, explained one seeming miracle of the war by saying that it was “the finger of God.”

“Israel’s Contributions to the World Today” details many innovations that have come from this tiny nation. 23% of all Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Jews. Humanitarian efforts from Israel have helped victims all over the world. Many of these noble efforts have come as a result of Judaism’s belief that they are to be concerned with the well-being of humanity. The groundwork is being laid for Israel to be a worldwide blessing as the earthly seed of Abraham.

“Anti-Semitism and Israel” presents statistics which indicate that Anti-Semitism is on the rise and has contributed to the exodus of European Jews. Few nations are willing to support Israel today and her very existence is threatened, but scripture indicates that God will deliver them.

In “Numbering the People” we see that David’s desire to number the fighting men of Israel was very displeasing to God. David’s lack of faith cost the lives of 70,000 men. After a heartfelt repentance, David was instructed to build an altar and offer burnt offerings at the same location where Abraham had offered Isaac, and where the temple would later be built. Here we see a lovely picture of the ransom, an offering that was needed after sin entered the world.

“Lessons from Solomon’s Temple” offers some insights into the symbolism intended by God in this beautiful structure. As preparation of the antitypical stones of this temple nears an end, the blessings will soon flow to a world that greatly needs them.

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