In the Beginning

Our Lord’s Great Prophecy May/ June 2019 Listen to audio  Our Lord’s Great Prophecy in Matthew 24-25 prophesies events from the harvest of the Jewish Age to the harvest of the Gospel Age, and the eighteen centuries between. First, we examine the six sections of chapter 24 in separate articles to find instructions for our day. The articles note parallels between the ending of the Jewish Age and the ending of the Gospel Age. Each section of Matthew 24 is accompanied by []

The Disciples’ Questions

Matthew 24:1-3 “When shall these things be?” (Matthew 24:3). by Todd Alexander Listen to audio Jesus’ disciples engaged him with three specific questions about his prophecy of the destruction of the Temple. Jesus surely relished their curiosity and their great faith! Their questions may be summarized as: (1) When will it happen? (answered in verse 15) $ (2) How will we know when you are here? (answered in verse 21) $ (3) How will we know when the age will end? (answered []