Online Reading – Prophecy


The Age of the Exposé

Investigative reporting as a sign of the Lord’s return.

A House in a Walled City

Investigating an unusual exception in Israel’s “Law of Jubilee.”

The Beasts of Job

An investigation into the typical significance of “behemoth” and “leviathan.”

Behold the Bridegroom

Evidences of the return of Jesus Christ

Bible Prophecy—It’s Purpose in God’s Plan

The function of the prophet and his message.

The Blessing of Judah

Examining the prophetic significance of Jacob’s blessing on his son Judah.

The Book of Hosea

An overview of the prophecy of Hosea.

The Book of Revelation

Outlining the message of the last book of the Bible.

Daniel in Babylon

The use of Babylonian symbols in the prophecy of the four beasts.

The Burden of Dumah

A closer look at an obscure prophecy in Isaiah pertaining to events of the last two centuries.

Christ Has Returned

Showing that the signs of Christ’s return are a current reality

The Day of Small Things

Historic evidences of the second advent of Jesus Christ.

The End

Treating the two different words translated “end” in the New Testament.

Ezekiel in Brief

A short but thorough treatment of a difficult and highly symbolic prophecy.

The Fall and Rise of Many in Israel

A review of Israel’s past and future on the occasion of their 45th Anniversary as a nation.

The Fig Tree

Examining the appropriateness of the fig tree as a symbol for the nation of Israel.

Hastening the Day of God

Looking at the sense of urgency created by noticing the signs of the nearness of the kingdom.

Hope for a Fear-Filled World

God’s Promises

Israel and the Land

A thorough examination of the borders of the promised land.

Israel and the Middle East

A prophetic perspective of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

I Will Come Again
Part 1–I Will Come Again
Part 2–Signs of Christ’s Presence
Part 3–Why Some Christians are Unaware
Part 4– “Caught Up Together With Him”
Part 5–“Every Eye Shall See Him”
Part 6–The Man of Sin
Part 7–Appendices

One World Church

A sober look at the disunity in the Christian church and what it portends for the future.

The Skirt of a Jew

Tracing a biblical symbol of Israel’s future role in spreading the news of God’s kingdom.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

A detailed verse by verse analysis of Jeremiah 30 to pinpoint the time of “Jacob’s Trouble.”

Three Prophetic Parables

An exposition of the three parables of Matthew 25, concluding the Lord’s Olivet sermon.

The Value of Time Prophecy

A look at why God places dates in the Bible, with emphasis on the prophecies of Daniel.

The Word of God Today

How the predictions of the Bible mirror the current events of our time.

Weighed in the Balances

Concerning the “Parliament of Religions” and the ecumenical movement.

Where Will All Nations Be Gathered?

A comparative analysis of the rival claims for the historical background of Armageddon

World Conversion

When does the Bible anticipate the world to be converted to Christ?

Years of Transition—Days of Hope

Sociologists are having a difficult time defining the current generation; the Bible suggests an apt title would be “the generation of transition.”

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