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A Place Prepared
A home for the Church.

The Baby Leaped in Her Womb
Looking at the account of the visit of the virgin Mary with her cousin Elizabeth.

The Better Gifts and the More Excellent Way
A complete investigation of the gifts of the spirit and their relevance today.

The Church and her Mission
Describing the present and future works of the Christian church.

The Day of Judgment

Earth, as Well as Heaven
Life on one plane of existence does not limit life to only those who share that plane of existence.

Epistle to the Colossians
Examining the message of Paul to the church at Colossae.

Eternal Judgment
An outline of seven different eternal judgment given in the Bible.

Except Some Man Guide Me
Why God appoints fallible human teachers to instruct in his word.

Eve’s Experiences in the Garden of Eden
A closer examination of the account of the first couple and their temptation.

Faith Toward God
Tracing the elements of faith and its foundations.

God and the Trinities
Examining the connection between pagan pantheism and the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

God of All Space
A look at the Bible from the standpoint of recent space science.

Many Called, Few Chosen
Two crises in the Christian life are illustrated in Jesus’ parable of the Wedding Feast.

Our Heritage Of Knowledge
A brief summary of each of the doctrines which make up the faith structure of the Bible Students.

Portrait Of A Perfect Man
The portrait of Jesus as given in the Gospel of Luke.

The Fillets of the Tabernacle
Practical lessons from a minor architectural feature of Israel’s Tabernacle in the wilderness.

The Flame in Hades
An in-depth examination of the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus.

Gathering the Lord’s Jewels
Investigating the method of God’s selection of the Church and their ultimate purpose.

The Greater Context of Hebrews 6
Analyzing the context in which the Apostle Paul discusses the fundamental doctrines.

Imagine . . . the Love of God
A personal testimony reflecting the emotions of a Christian discovering that the Bible hell is the grave and that God has a plan for all.

The Importance of Bible Study
Why a Christian must be a diligent student of the word of God.

The King–Eternal, Immortal, Invisible
A biblical portrait of the personal and character attributes of God.

The Laying On of Hands
A discussion of what is meant by this practice in both the Old and NewTestaments.

The Lord your God is One Lord
A treatise examining the doctrine of the Trinity.

The Melody of the Waters
The outline of God’s plan seen in the place name of the wells of Abraham and of Isaac.

The Parable of Jotham
Examining a potential meaning for the Old Testament “Parable of the Trees and the Bramble.”

The Parable of the Penny
Applying a New Testament parable to both the first and second advents of Christ.

The Philosophy of the Atonement 
A detailed analytical examination of Romans 5:13-21

Prove All Things
Showing the necessity of proving all doctrines by the Bible as the Word of God.

Repentance from Dead Works
A discussion of the repentance which the Apostle Paul listed ass a fundamental doctrine in the Christian church.

The Resurrection of the Dead
How the dead come back to life and the processes involved in enabling them to live forever.

The Simplicity of the Gospel
Dealing with the organization of the early church.

The Unknown God
Different people have different perceptions of who God is. This article examines the Bible’s answer to this question.

Unto Us a Child is Born 
A beautiful retelling of the Christmas story.

What Can a Man Believe?
Outlining the plan of God for man from the Bible.

What Is Truth?
The necessity of searching for the truth of the scriptures.

What Say the Scriptures About Hell?
Every text in which the Hebrew and Greek words translated Hell is examined in this treatise.

Why Does God Permit Evil?
Fresh insights into an age-old question.

Witness of the Spirit
Listing the various ways by which the Christian can know he is a child of God.

The Word of GodIt’s Authenticity
The authenticity of the Bible and the authority of the Logos, both as the Word of God.

The Word of GodIn Creation
An ode to the majesty of creation accomplished by the Word of God.

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