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A Bundle of Myrrh is My
Well Beloved Unto Me

The aroma of Christ

Bride and Bridegroom
A Memorial Meditation

Christ the Center
The hub of the Christian’s existence.

First Things First
A meditation on establishing priorities.

Gathering Home the Saints
A ten-part series showing the emotions of being in heaven with the Lord.
Part 1 – The Awakening in His Likeness
Part 2 – The Face to Face Meeting with Jesus
Part 3 – The Waiting Arms of the Father
Part 4 – The Marriage of God’s Dear Son
Part 5 – Reception at the Father’s House
Part 6 – The Enthronement with the Lamb
Part 7 – Moments or Reflective Praise
Part 8 – Thanking the Ministering Angels
Part 9 – The Breaking of Death’s Power
Part 10 – Bringing Forth Earth’s Princes

Goose Sense
Lessons from the flight pattern of geese.

He Maketh the Storm a Calm
A meditation on inner peace in times of turmoil.

In Memory of the Savior’s Love
A meditation on the death of Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ Last Days
In this narrative, you walk with Jesus from Bethany to Golgotha.

How To Walk On Water
Encouragement to the Christian to get out of his rocky boat and spiritually “walk on water.”

In My Solitude
A meditation of encouragement to climb higher and higher on the Christian path.

Pressing On in the Pilgrim Journey
A meditation on the haste in which ancient Israel ate the first Passover supper.

Some Questions
A poem encouraging Christian constancy.

The Right Hand
A meditation on a face to face relationship with God.

The Shepherd Psalm 
A thorough treatment of the symbology of the familiar 23rd Psalm.

The Song of the Well
Ferrar Fenton’s translation of Numbers 12:17-20.

Two Gardens
A contrast and comparison between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane.

This Thing Is From Me
A Christian classic. Assures every true Christian that all is overruled for his good.

Walking to Gethsmane
Walk with Jesus that last night of his life from the room of the Last Supper to the Garden of Gethsemane.

What the Memorial Means to Me
A personal testimony of the personal significance of participating in the Memorial emblems.

When I Am Dead 
Poem on giving our help to one while they are living.

Which Mountain Will You Move 
Three mountains which faith can move.

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