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Abusing God’s Mercy 
The limitations of Divine forgiveness.

A Chaste Virgin

The Anatomy of Conceit
An analysis of what produces conceit in the Christian.

Attaining Peace in a World
of Turmoil
A Fruit of the Spirit.

Bearing One Another’s Burdens
Looking at the Christian’s responsibility to fellow believers.

Be Strong and of a Good Courage
Lessons from the life of Joshua to encourage the Christian.

Christian Capitalism
Examining the Christian life from the perspectives of the parables of the pound and the talents.

The Christian Warfare
Discussing the Christian soldier, his attributes and his armor.

Christ in You
An Indwelling Relationship

The Conquest of Fear
How to overcome one of the Christian’s strongest foes.

Coping with Trials
A Helpful Letter from Benjamin Barton

The Cost of Discipleship
What it means to deny one’s self, take up the cross, and follow Jesus.

Crisis Control
Practical suggestions on handling conflicts.

Ecclesia Responsibilities
Christian responsibilities in their formal association with each other.

Employer-Employee Relationships
A Christian perspective in the workplace.

Eradicating the Spirit
of Selfishness
Learning to live a more self-less life.

Heart and Head
Showing the balance the Christian must attain between his emotional and intellectual development.

In Consideration of Love
The necessity for developing an active outgoing love for others.

In Times Like These
Practical suggestions for coping with trials and bereavement.

A meditation on what constitutes a joyful Christian.

Joys of Discipleship
Following in the footsteps of Jesus was designed to be a happy experience, not a life of somber sadness.

The Joy Set Before Us

The Joy That Was Set
Before Him

A motivation for faithful service to God

Keeping the Heart
On developing the emotional as well as the intellectual life, with lessons from the life of Solomon.

LoveThe Bond of Perfectness
A description of the indescribable grace of love.

Members In Particular
How to fill the unique role which God is designing for you to play in his plan.

Of Slaves and Masters
Defining principles of employer-employee relationships.

Parents, the Experts in Everything!?
A practical guide for interaction between parent and child.

Privileges and Responsibilities of Christian Couples
A look at the role of husband and wife in the Christian marriage.

A Repentance that was not Heard
A study on acceptable and non-acceptable repentance from the life of King Saul.

A self test to detect bad behavioral patterns before they become habits difficult to correct.

The Spirit of Sacrifice
Showing what is involved in a Christian’s life of sacrifice.

Spiritual Sicknesses: Causes
and Cures
Diagnosing spiritual diseases and prescribing spiritual cures.

Take Off Your Shoes
Examining an ancient Hebrew custom and its significance in relinquishing claims to earth.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Traced in the lives of David, Jesus, and the Christian.

What Shall I Render Unto the Lord 
The reasonableness of living a consecrated life.

The Word of GodIn Our Lives 
A practical application of the Bible to daily Christian living.

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