Brad Sweeney

King Jeroboam of Israel and King Rehoboam of Judah

Two Wrongs Did Not Make it Right “Rehoboam … forsook the advice of the elders” (1 Kings 12:12‑13, texts from NASB). By Brad Sweeney Great as King Solomon was at the beginning of his reign, his rule degraded in time when he failed to put God first in his personal life and in governing policies. Although no rebellion took place during his reign, dissatisfaction was felt. His compromises to God’s laws would be a catalyst in the spiritual decline and division of []

The Battle of Ai

Learn from Failure “Get thee up; wherefore art thou thus fallen upon they face?” (Joshua 7:10 ASV). by Brad Sweeney The lessons that happened to Israel during the Battle of Ai (Joshua chapters 7 and 8) were written also for the instruction of the Gospel Age Church. These lessons will also apply to all mankind as they walk up “the highway of holiness” during Christ’s thousand-year Mediatorial Kingdom. The capture and destruction of the fortress city of Jericho gave the Israelites their []