In the Beginning

The Gospel Age

The Gospel Age is the first of two ages of redemption. It precedes the Millennial Age when all the world will appreciate what Christ has done, and turn their hearts toward him. The present Gospel Age, however, is a time of even greater favor. Those who have been blessed to hear the heavenly calling, and respond with a devoted, consecrated life, have the remarkable prospect of sharing with Christ both his heavenly home (John 14:2), and his work of restoring mankind to life, health, and fellowship with God (Revelation 20:6).

Our first article looks at the service and sacrifice of saints that is highly esteemed in the sight of God. The title is “Sacrificing in the Gospel Age.” This article refers to being a Living Sacrifice, Thanksgiving, Praise, Joy, Humility, Doing Good, and Fellowship.

This is followed by an article on “Controlling the Flesh,” which is an ever present challenge for the saints. We must both resist the downward influences of the present, and actively use our present human life in service for God, and for our Redeemer, Jesus. This article gives five antidotes for discouragement, and five methods to encourage others.

“I Beseech You” considers the many times the Apostle Paul used this expression to urge us onward in our Christian life. These many uses are categorized under Consecration, Prayer, Unity, Supportive respect for active ones, Appreciating God’s care, Walking holy, and Understanding.

“The Nazarite Vow” is a deep look at Numbers 6, which pictures the Christian life of consecration, holiness, and purity. This article examines the many details of the type, including the hair of the Nazarite, his abstention from wine, possible missteps along the way, and the close of the vow, representing the end of our life of human sacrifice here.

Next, we take a deep look at “The Three Great Feasts,” as they picture two ages, and three steps, in God’s Plan of Salvation. Among other things, we learn here the interesting reason why the waving of firstfruits was not a day of convocation, and the meaning of the special sabbaths highlighting the other three feasts.

We close with “In The Wilderness,” an overview of Exodus and Leviticus, and the many meaningful pictures they contain about the Church in the present Gospel Age, and some of the lessons respecting the world in the Millennial Age.

We trust that close attention to these thoughtful articles will stimulate our conduct, devotion, and understanding, during this present age of faith and service.