In the Beginning


January / February 2020 Volume 102, Number 1 4

In an age of rampant disbelief, the Christian is aided by evidence, both for himself and for those with whom he speaks.

“A World Methodically Prepared” and “Jehovah’s Design is Not a ‘Lucky Fluke’ ” discuss God’s methodical preparation of the earth for man and the extreme care He used to accomplish it.

Science itself now presents a greater challenge to the plethora of evolution theories for man’s origin, than does Genesis. “Evidence for the Creation of Man” discusses the current state of scientific evidence that apparently rules out every explanation except Genesis.

“The Significance of Noah’s Ark in our Daily Lives” surveys archaeological evidence for Noah’s Ark and then applies lessons to our daily lives.

The Law God gave to Moses is contrasted with the ancient laws of man in “Moses and the Law.” It is shown to be thirty-five centuries ahead of its time for the modern public health practices that have doubled the life expectancy of mankind.

“Jesus the Messiah” begins with several firstcentury references to Jesus and the apostles, confirming their existence. It then proceeds to show how Jesus as Messiah was prefigured by Israel’s Passover Lamb and other notable prophetic events.

The reasons for Israel’s Diaspora (dispersion from Israel into the rest of the world), and now five Aliyahs to return to the land of Israel, are sketched in “Evidence for Israel’s Diaspora and Aliyah.” The Jewish “double” is shown to end in 1878, which coincided with the beginning of Israel’s return.

“The Consummation of the Gospel Age” reviews evidences that we are now in the “last day” of the Gospel Age and suggests what we should be doing about it.

Encouraged by the evidence we have for the accuracy of the Biblical records, we should more confidently apply its instruction in our daily lives.

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