In the Beginning

Lessons from Proverbs

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The first seven articles in this issue follow the sequence of the seven concepts found in Proverbs 1:2-5. The last three articles consider iconic themes that come to mind when we think of the Book of Proverbs.

“Instruction” considers the source of instruction, reviews the various ways King Solomon used it, defines the obstacles that need to be overcome, defines our enemy, and then shines a light on the reward for following it.

“Understanding” shows how understanding can be part of everything we do; how we get it, how we grow in it, and then consider its counterfeit. “Wisdom” defines wisdom as the skillful use of godly knowledge and understanding. We connect the wisdom of King Solomon to the Apostle Peter’s graces of the spirit.

“Discretion is Wisdom in Motion” considers discretion as the active ingredient in all of our efforts to exercise four important human attributes noted by King Solomon: wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity. “The Instruction of Judgment” considers how judgment is the final filter of our thoughts before we lead with our words or move with our feet.

“Justice” considers three Hebrew words used in the Jewish Scriptures that are used to describe what it means to do justice. Amazing insights follow which provide insights into Jewish culture and tradition. “Equity” distinguishes the concept of equality and the godly directive of equity. Godly love is manifest in decisions based on equity. Danger may follow when we make decisions based on equality.

“Solomon: A Case Study” considers the man, King Solomon, and his desire to have a perfect heart and a willing mind. It reveals the importance of Jesus’ words when he admonished us to simplify our desires and forsake the pleasures of this world. Solomon would have done well to heed this wisdom. “The Virtuous Woman” considers the lovely ideal of virtue expressed in Proverbs chapter 31. King Lemuel shares the lessons he learned from his mother and provides the roadmap for all young men as they look for an ideal, godly spouse.

“A Lifestyle of Wisdom” is our final article. It provides a brief comparison between the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Wisdom of Proverbs chapter 3.

We hope you enjoy reading the many insights and lessons that King Solomon left behind from his amazing life. We get to learn from a man who was given wonderful gifts from God. It is important for us to consider all of these lessons as precious gifts from God.

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