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Harvest Considerations

Jesus said, “The harvest is the consummation of the age” (Matthew 13:39 Berean iteral Bible). His explanation of the parable of the Wheat and Tares, where this phrase appears, helped us to understand that the end of the Gospel Age would involve separation and testing of true believers.

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In this issue, Harvest Considerations, we examine some of the scriptures and pictures especially applicable to our time — the time of the harvest.

The first article, “Outlook for the New Day,” is adapted from an article which appeared in an early Herald of Christ’s Kingdom. It highlights the need for faith, for obedience, for loyalty to the will of God as we view the continually deteriorating world around us. If we would be victorious we need to keep our focus on living our consecrated life in the midst of trouble.

“A Distressing Storm” describes the travels of the Apostle Paul on his final missionary journey and suggests parallels between his experiences and the experiences of the final members of the church as we progress during the harvest period.

In “Expectations of the Harvest,” current events are examined from the viewpoint of the plagues upon Egypt, the plagues of Revelation and the effect upon Israel. A brief examination of the final battle of Gog and Magog against Israel follows, and lessons from the book of Habakkuk.

“Elijah as a Type of the Church” examines the final days of the prophet and the possible pictures for the end of the Gospel Age church suggested by the experiences of the prophet.

“Technology and the End Time” reviews the elements of our day which have created great progress, but have put the world in a precarious position of being susceptible to collapse through dependency on technological advance.

In “Deceptions of the Late Harvest,” the author examines the tests and temptations unique to this time of the Gospel Age, and how the brethren at the end of this age must focus efforts on maintaining our allegiance and loyalty to the cause of Jesus.

We pray that 2019 will be a blessed year for all of our readers, as we move one year closer to the glorious kingdom!


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