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Approach to the Kingdom

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This issue marks the 100th year of publication, much longer than brethren then anticipated when this journal began. The Harvest is now approaching 144 years in duration, and evidently, it will continue a generation further. Our “Approach to the Kingdom” is the theme of this issue.

The first article, “Resolutions,” sets the tone for our best wishes for the new year, an optimistic opportunity to set new goals and resolutions for the 12 months ahead, and beyond, for our spiritual development.

The second article, “Trouble in the Harvest,” looks at a series of seven judgments, the seven plagues of Revelation, with a view that these mark seven progressive steps through the Harvest. This approach helps us recognize — in hindsight — that we are on track. The author suggests that five plagues are in the past and that we are nearing the sixth plague. That will be followed by Armageddon, which opens the seventh plague.

The third article, “The Exodus Plagues,” approaches the subject from the Exodus account. It takes in a broader sweep of time but respecting the Harvest, its views are compatible with the previous article.

Our fourth article pertains to Revelation 17. It is a technical area. This article considers two views, slightly different, each one held by thoughtful contemporary brethren. The author’s understanding is toward the second view, that the final end of the Roman Catholic Church (the illicit woman) comes with the end of the Harvest. In this case, the fulfillment would match the picture contained in the record of the death of Jezebel.

Our fifth article looks at a familiar theme, the experiences of Elijah — but with some clearer perceptions, based on the passage of more than a century of experience witnessing the Time of Trouble that commenced with World War I. It concludes with an engaging, reflexive symmetry of years that lends support to its analysis.

Our final article is an in-depth consideration of Acts 27, with the suggestion that Paul’s Voyage to Rome is a picture of the “voyage” of the saints through the Harvest, to the center of world dominion, pictured by Rome. Enroute, the ship of state will come to an end, and the kingdom will commence at the republic “island” of Israel.

We commend these exhortations, and prophetic treatises, to the close examination of brethren, as part of “lifting up our heads,” as Jesus advised, when “your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).


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