Table of Contents – July/August 2017

  1. In the Beginning

    A significant portion of the book of Revelation is a prophetic accounting of  the Gospel Age. It indicated the age was going to be a difficult time for the saints. 

  2. Arius and Public Debate

    The Church of Pergamos

  3. Peter Waldo and the Waldensians

    The Church of Thyratira

  4. John Wycliffe and the Lollards

    The Morning Star of the Reformation

  5. John Huss and Other Pre-Reformers

    An Articulate Marty

  6. Martin Luther and the Reformers

    The Reformation

  7. News and Views

    Current Events

  8. Witness Pairs Introduction

    Examples to Encourage Us

  9. Witnessing Projects

    For This Cause

  10. Witnessing at School
    Four Consecrated Brothers

  11. Witnessing at Work
    Letting People Know You Are ChristianListen to audio:

  12. Witnessing to Friends
    A Life Consistent With Our Beliefs

  13. The Old, Old Story — Back Cover Herald Readers — Inside Back Cover

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