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Remembering Christ

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This issue of The Herald of Christ’s Kingdom considers the Memorial of Jesus’ death. On April 9, 2017, after sundown, followers of Jesus worldwide will commemorate the life and death of Jesus. Most articles in this issue were written by authors living or born outside of the United States. May the thoughts in this issue knit the precious fellowship we have with those around the world that walk with us in the Narrow Way.

“Remembering Christ” meditates on the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice. First published in the Herald of April 1957, it was written by the late Herald editor and PBI director, W. J. Siekman. Brother Siekman labored for many years to make the deepest things of God understandable for his listeners.

“The Hard Saying” focuses on Jesus’ statement that one must “eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood” in order to have life (John 6:53). Eating blood was forbidden under Moses’ Law, and many Jews were offended by Jesus’ statement. After this incident many curious followers departed, and Jesus asked even the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?”

“As Oil Poured Out” considers how the holy Spirit, symbolized by the anointing oil poured upon the head of the high priest, unifies the body members of Christ. Mary’s anointing of the head and feet of Jesus with oil illustrates the spiritual connection and appreciation we should show for our Master and his brethren.

“The Garden of God” contrasts the Garden of Eden, where sin entered the world, and the Garden of Gethsemane, where sinless Jesus spent his final night. Jesus provided the ransom sacrifice to offset the sin of Adam and give to all who have ever lived an opportunity to be restored to Eden-like conditions.

“When I See The Crown of Thorns” explores Isaiah’s description of Jesus as “smitten” and “afflicted” as he went to the cross. The crown of thorns placed on his head reminds us of the curse placed on earth after Adam sinned, including toiling among thorns and thistles. Eventually, they will be gone forever.

“Embracing Trials” gives practical advice for benefitting from difficulties encountered in the Narrow Way. Our mistakes should be stepping stones toward character development by allowing God to guide us through them.

“That They All May Be One” considers Jesus’ prayer of John 17. Christian unity does not mean we all think alike, but a unity of purpose and commitment to love and to encourage one another as we progress in our Christian walk.

May your reflections this Memorial season draw you closer to Jesus. The editors of The Herald, appreciating the great sacrifice of our Savior, wish these articles to edify and encourage our readers.

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