In The Beginning – November/December 2016

The proud person is usually the last one to know that he is proud. Pride’s first victim was Lucifer.overcoming

Overcoming Pride offers practical advice on how to see ourselves as others see us, and how to change our entire self.

Overcoming Immorality tells us how the various forms of immorality originate in the heart and gives practical advice on how to turn one’s life around.

Overcoming Depression identifies several kinds of irrational thinking that lead to depression. But truth is essential to recovery. This article tells how one must help himself, but might also need to seek professional help, using both medication and behavioral therapy.

Acquired disabilities usually begin with initial shock and even denial, then anger, bargaining, and depression. Overcoming Disabilities tells how we must ultimately accept our circumstances, allow them to promote spiritual development, and then be an example to others.

Overcoming Lethargy explains how lethargy saps our joy — the joy which we receive in self-sacrifice.

Intolerance was manifested, not by our Lord Jesus, but by priests, Pharisees, Diotrephes, and others. Tolerance was shown by Nicodemus, Athenians at Mars Hill (initially), and Jesus at Gethsemane. Overcoming Intolerance suggests tolerance is when we can rejoice and profit from interchange with others.

Overcoming Anger, Vindictiveness, and Enmity reminds us that we must conquer self, overcoming anger and its consequences. When anger is towards people, we need to focus our displeasure on the sin and not the sinner, to be like our Lord.

Some addicted to drugs and other vices have turned their lives around. “And such were some of you.” But we must overcome other “addictions”: Work, TV, the Internet, shopping, dogmatism, foods, etc. Overcoming Addiction shows us how five points of rehab can be useful also in overcoming our habituations, or addictions.

Blaming others cannot overcome the burden of guilt. Accusing others is the common attempt to justify self. Overcoming Guilt tells how only Christ can cleanse guilt.

The authors of these articles have either experienced overcoming, or have helped others who were trying to overcome. The promises are “to him that overcometh.”

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