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The Resurrection

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Who would not love to see their loved ones back from the dead? But the is to be “each in his own order,” as delineated in these articles.

“Resurrection Means Hope” focuses attention on the Resurrection as something no one should dread, but as something that offers hope for all.

“By One Man Came the Resurrection” shows from the Scriptures how Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for sin are the basis for the resurrection hope. If Christ died once for all, should not all benefit?

The raising of six dead individuals before Jesus crucifixion and resurrection is distinguished from the great promised resurrection in “Temporary Resurrections Before Calvary.”

The first permanent resurrection is given in “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.”  He earned the universal priority. On Jesus’ resurrection do everyone’s hopes of eternal life depend.

“Resurrection of the Faithful Church” discusses the scriptural harmony for the sequence and duration of the heavenly resurrection of the faithful Bride of Christ to life and immortality.

“Resurrection of the Great Multitude” considers what happens to those who respond to God’s call, falter along the way, but eventually overcome. It examines  some insidious pitfalls for the consecrated.

“Resurrection of  the Ancient Worthies” shows a priority of Abraham  and other faithful ones before Christ, the priority  of their resurrection on earth, and their leading role in the resurrection.

“The Resurrection of the Whole World” observes that the whole world is to be raised from the sleep of death. While the heavenly calling will have previously been perfected, the world will then be raised to learn righteousness. Even to the atheist, the resurrection will be really convincing. People will have more years learning to do things for others than they previously had learning to do things to others.

“After the Final Exam” reminds us that when the resurrection work is complete, and everyone will have been tested one final time during Satan’s “little season,” death and hell will be destroyed forever. Then heaven’s and earth’s multitudes will live in harmony to eternity.

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