“Christian Resources” App for Apple and Android

Download Christian Resources Apps

  • This updated mobile application is a comprehensive, self-contained Bible Student resource. Download this app directly from your App Store and explore the depth of content.
  • Two visual formats — Toggle the rectangle at top right (Apple only at this time).
  • Daily Heavenly Manna and Songs in the Night — Audio and text. Share the Manna on Facebook, Twitter or
    email right from the app. Set a daily reminder alarm for the Manna in “More Options.”
  • Hymns of Dawn — Audio, text and PDF of the actual hymnbook page with full music score. Play the piano or sing directly from your device.
  • Play hymns consecutively as if playing a CD, without additional clicks (“Audio Resources”). Excellent for caregivers. Have KJV and NIV Bibles read to you. Click “Bible Studies” for Studies in the Scriptures, Tabernacle Shadows, the original Towers, Expanded Biblical Comments, and more!
  • 15,000+ Discourses! Search for partial names or subjects. Click “NEW!” to see recently uploaded discourses. Share the audio on Facebook, Twitter or email right from the app.
  • 150 Bible Video Presentations (Powerpoint discourses and videos). The Lord has laid out an inexhaustible supply of “meat” that all fits in the palm of our hands. What a humbling gift to help us all to press on in this narrow way! We pray the brethren will find this effort to be a blessing.
  • Find the app on Google Play or Apple App Store by searching the name: Christian Resources. For questions or suggestions, email — info@bibleresources.info.
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