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"Bible Study Library"
Is a Computer DVD that contains over 500 Bible Study Books. It contains all the writings of Bro. Russell, including all the Watchtower Reprints from 1879 through 1916, Six Volumes of "Studies in the Scriptures," Tabernacle, Expanded Biblical Comments Book, Question Book, Pastor Russell Sermons Book, Photo Drama of Creation Book with full color slides, What Pastor Russell wrote for the Overland Monthly, Three Volume Set of Harvest Gleanings, The Three Worlds (Barbour/Pastor Russell's first book, Russell vs Eaton Debate, Russell vs White Debate, 506 Newspaper sermons of Br. Russell, 63 Old Theology Quarterly Tracts, 99 Bible Students Monthly Tracts, 24 Peoples Pulpit and everybody's Paper Tracts, and Convention Report Sermons Books.

In addition it has almost all the books written by brethren since Bro. Russell’s day as well as Translations, History Books, Dictionaries, Lexicons, Concordance etc. All are searchable by word, phrase or Scripture text.

Back Cover Listing::

20 Bible Translations,
14 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Lexicons, Reference
21 Distinguished Biblical History Volumes
83 Biblical Commentaries - including 3 sets (These are Reprints, 6 Volumes, Harvest Gleanings etc.)
12 Revelation Commentaries
38 Books of Devotions, Poems, Hymns, Character Studies
1,478 Biblical Scenes and Paintings
75 Biblical Maps
1,870 Sermons on Wide Variety of Topics
3 Volumes on Tabernacle Typology
165 Tabernacle Illustrations and Drawings
26 Languages of "The Divine Plan of the Ages" beautifully illustrated.
167 Single Subject Treatises
900+ issues of Outstanding Christian Magazines
13 Christian Fiction Books depicting Christian ideals
4 Inspiring Christian Video Presentations

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