In the Beginning

Battles of the Bible The Christian is faced with many battles, beginning with his own sinful nature. We may learn from those battles in ancient times. “Abram and The First World Wars” sketches the two battles in Genesis 14. Lot’s mistake drew Abram to rescue him (and incidentally others taken for slaves). This introduces us to Melchizedek, who typifies our Lord Jesus Christ — a king and a priest forever. Achan’s sin of greed is discussed in “The Battle of Ai.” Disobedience []

Abram and the First World Wars — A Review of Genesis 14

Loyalty Rewarded “Blessed be Abram of God Most High … who hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand” (Genesis 14:20 ASV). by Kome Ajise Nations have gone to war for a wide range of reasons, such as to protect or defend their territorial area, or access to valuable resources, or to be free from a domineering power. Five kings in the West, from the Valley of Siddim, were invaded, conquered, and put to tribute by four kings from the East. Later they []

The Battle of Ai

Learn from Failure “Get thee up; wherefore art thou thus fallen upon they face?” (Joshua 7:10 ASV). by Brad Sweeney The lessons that happened to Israel during the Battle of Ai (Joshua chapters 7 and 8) were written also for the instruction of the Gospel Age Church. These lessons will also apply to all mankind as they walk up “the highway of holiness” during Christ’s thousand-year Mediatorial Kingdom. The capture and destruction of the fortress city of Jericho gave the Israelites their []