In The Beginning – November/December 2016

The proud person is usually the last one to know that he is proud. Pride’s first victim was Lucifer. Overcoming Pride offers practical advice on how to see ourselves as others see us, and how to change our entire self. Overcoming Immorality tells us how the various forms of immorality originate in the heart and gives practical advice on how to turn one’s life around. Overcoming Depression identifies several kinds of irrational thinking that lead to depression. But truth is essential to []

In the Beginning -The Apple of God’s Eye

The Apple of God’s Eye In the Beginning The rebirth of Israel has been one of the great hope-inspiring events of our times. It is evidence that God not only keeps His promises, but that the establishment of His Kingdom is very near. “The Apple of His Eye” traces the scriptural accounts using this phrase, describing God’s special love and care for Israel. But God’s favor was lost for a time as Israel endured her 1845 years of punishment. Since that time, []