Special History Issue – Time Line of Church History

Early Church History

33         Death of Jesus
66         Death of Apostle Paul
70         Fall of Jerusalem
90         Council of Jamnia
96         Death of Apostle John
155       Polycarp Martyred
200       New Testament Canon
234       Origen Exiled
270       Monasticism Develops
303       Diocletian Persecution
325       Nicene Creed
336       Death of Arius
386       Trinity Established
394       Mass Introduced
395       Latin Vulgate (Jerome)
431       Council of Ephesus

Middle Ages Begin

476       Rome Falls
496       Franks Converted
539       Papal Temporal Power
622       Mohammedanism Forms

664       England Becomes Catholic
711       Arabs Conquer Spain
760       Pope Gets Vatican States
787       Second Council of Nicea
800       Pope Crowns Charlemagne
842       Image Worship Established
900       Catholics Conquer Spain
910       Cluny Reform Begins
962       Holy Roman Empire
993       Canonization of Saints
1000     Fear of the End of the World
1049     Leo IX—Reform Pope
1054     East-West Church Schism
1073     Priesthood Celibacy Decreed
1090     Praying with Beads Begins
1096     First Crusade
1162     Thomas à Becket (England)
1173     Peter Waldo (France)
1189     Third Crusade
1209     Francis of Assisi (Italy)
1233     Inquisition Established
1252     Torture Introduced
1264     Thomas Aquinas (Italy)
1291     End of Crusades

1302     Papal Supremacy Proclaimed
1309     Avignon Papacy
1378     “Great Schism” (two popes)
1380     Bible in English (Wycliffe)
1398     Jan Hus (Czechoslovakia)
1408     “Great Schism” Ends
1431     Death of Joan of Arc
1456     Gutenberg Bible Printed
1471     Thomas à Kempis (Germany)
1491     Savanarola Burned at the Stake
1492     Jews Leave Spain
1498     Desiderius Erasmus (Holland)
1517     Martin Luther’s 95 Theses
1524     Ulrich Zwingli (Switzerland)
1530     Augsburg Confession
1534     Bible in German (Luther)
1534     Church of England Established
1541     John Calvin (Geneva)
1558     John Knox (Scotland)
1572     Huguenots Massacred in Paris
1599     Divine Right of Kings

Middle Ages End

1611     King James Bible
1618     30-years War Begins
1633     Baptist Church Organized
1654     John Milton (England)
1667     Wm. Penn Denies Trinity
1675     Pietist Movement
1693     Cotton Mather (Puritan)
1730     Methodist Church (Wesley)
1738     “Great Awakening” (U.S.)
1764     Voltaire (France)
1772     Inquisition Abolished
1789     French Revolution
1798     Pope Imprisoned in France
1804     Bible Societies Established
1831     William Miller (U.S.)
1846     Evangelical Alliance
1859     Origin of Species Published
1864     Emphatic Diaglott Published
1870     Papacy Loses Temporal Power
1870     Papal Infallibility Proclaimed
1879     Bible Student Movement
1900     Bible in 120 Languages
1906     Pentecostal Movement

Bible Student History

1871     C. T. Russell Contacts Storrs
1876     C. T. Russell Meets Barbour
1877     Our Lord’s Return Pamphlet
1877     “The Three Worlds”
1879     Zions Watch Tower Magazine
1881     “Food for Thinking Christians”
1881     Colporteur Work Begins
1881     “Tabernacle Shadows”
1883     Non-English Translations Begin
1884     Tract Society Formed
1886     “Divine Plan of the Ages”
1889     “Old Theology” Tracts
1889     “The Time Is At Hand”
1890     “Thy Kingdom Come”
1892     “Watch Tower” Semi-Monthly
1893     First Convention Held
1894     Pilgrim Ministry Begins
1895     “To Us the Scriptures Teach”
1895     Danish, Polish Work
1895     Allegheny Church Trial
1897     “The Day of Vengeance”
1899     500,000 Evolution Tracts
1899     “The At-One-Ment”
1900     London Tabernacle
1903     Russell-Eaton Debates
1904     “The New Creation”
1905     “Daily Heavenly Manna”
1906     Russell Separation Trial
1907     “Comment” Bible
1908     “Overland Monthly” Articles
1908     Russell-White Debates
1908     Covenants Controversy
1910     Hippodrome Talk to Jews
1911     “Die Stimme” for Jews (Yiddish)
1912     Around the World Trip
1914     “Photo-Drama of Creation”
1915     50 Million Tracts Distributed
1916     Death of Pastor Russell
1918     PBI Organized
1920     LHMM established
1932     Dawn Organized
1938     General Conventions Begin
1952     Television Work Begins
1982     Int’l. Conventions Begin



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