Special History Issue – In Memoriam — C. T. R.

herald history issueIn Memoriam — C. T. R.

Beloved one!
Beyond earth’s sunshine and its rain,
Beyond all weariness and pain,
Thou art at rest.
E’en though we mourn our loss, we joy to feel
Thou art so blest.

O, faithful one!002_Crowds_of_Bible_Students_greet_Pastor_Russell_at_Shasta_Springs__California__1911_
Now privileged to see unfold
God’s purpose in the scroll unrolled
By Christ’s own hand.
And thou hast made report: “I’ve done as Thou,
Lord, didst command.”

O, radiant one!
Along the dark and narrow way
Thy faithfulness casts back a ray
Of hope and cheer;
For thou so joyously thy cross did bear,
With scarce a tear.

O, blessed one!
We pray for strength to do God’s will,
To wait and suffer and be still.
As thou hast done.
Nor faint, nor fear, but still run on until
The prize is won.

Gertrude Siebert, Poems of the Way, p. 108

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