Online Reading – Some Questions

Some Questions

Are you as happy, my brother, in Jesus, today
As you were when you first started out in the way?
Is your confidence still just as strong in the Lord
As it was when you first started to study his word?

Many trials you’ve had as you traveled along,
Is your joy in the Lord still your strength and your song?
Can you say with assurance, “He leadeth me still,”
And find all your joy in doing his will?

Is your faith just as strong? Is your hope just as bright?
Are you faithfully striving to walk in the light?
Are your eyes ever centered on Jesus your goal?
Is your whole life still under the Father’s control?

Can you sing while your passing through sorrow’s dark vail,
When your prayers for relief do not seem to avail?
Can you still keep on trusting right on to the end,
When it seems as though on earth you haven’t a friend?

Is the sword of the Spirit still clasped in your hand?
Are you ready to follow each word of command,
Pressing valiantly on in the strength of the Lord
‘Til he says, “’Tis enough, you have gained your reward?”

If to all of these questions your answer is, “Yes,”
And it fills you with joy his dear name to confess,
What a joy it will give to your Father above,
And your life will be forever be filled with his love.

by Stanley B. Bodle

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