Online Reading – A Bundle of Myrrh Is My Well Beloved Unto Me

A Bundle of Myrrh Is My Well Beloved Unto Me

by: C.H. Spurgeon

The Aroma of Christ

Myrrh may well represent Jesus because of its preciousness, its perfume, its pleasantness, its healing power, preserving and disinfecting qualities and its scriptural connection with sacrifice. Why is Jesus here compared to a “bundle” of myrrh?

First for its abundance. He is not a sprig or a flower of it. He is a whole bundle. There is enough of him for all my needs. Therefore let me not be afraid to show myself to him.

Our well beloved is also compared to a “bundle” for variety. There is in Christ not only that which is necessary, but also “all the fullness of the deity bodily.” Every kind of necessity is found in him. Take Jesus in his different characters and you will enter into this variety. He is prophet, priest, king, husband, friend, and shepherd. Consider him in life, death, resurrection, ascension, and second advent.

View his virtues: gentleness, courage, self-denial, love. faithfulness, truth, righteousness. Everywhere he is a bundle of preciousness.

He is a “bundle” of myrrh for preservation. He is not loose myrrh to be dropped on the floor or trodden on. He is myrrh tied up, myrrh to be stored on a casket.

We must value him as our best treasure. We must prize his words and his laws. We must keep our thought about him and our knowledge of him under lock and key, lest the devil steal anything from us.

Moreover, Jesus is a “bundle” of myrrh for specialty. Being bundled together suggests the ideal of discriminating grace. He was set apart from before the foundation of the world, he was set apart for his people. He spreads his perfume only to those who understand how to commune with him, to dwell intimately with him. Oh! blessed people whom the Lord hath admitted into his secrets, and for whom he sets himself apart. Oh! choice and happy who thus are made to say, “A bundle of myrrh is my well beloved unto me.”

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