2013-Mar/April – Table of Contents

Through the Eyes of the Master

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
Through the Eyes of the Master

His Natural Family  Audio MP3
Righteous Parents and Unbelieving Brethren

His Disciples  Audio MP3
From Fishermen to Devout Women

Miracles of Compassion  Audio MP3
Moved by the Multitudes

Jewish Leadership and the Children  Audio MP3
Pretentious Men, Pure Children

News and Views  Audio MP3
Current Events, Signs of our Times

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
Mass Murder in Connecticut

The Betrayer and Denier  Audio MP3
Judas and Peter

His Last Days  Audio MP3
His Foremost Concerns

His Last Hours  Audio MP3
He Endured to the End

His Gentle Hands — Back cover

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