coverpic_mj10_smIn the Beginning

Solomon’s peaceful forty-year reign marked the apex of power for Israel. Never before and never since has that nation been so prosperous. As a picture of a much grander monarch to come, Solomon, along with Joseph and Joshua, is a type or picture of our Lord. In the great world-wide kingdom to come, Jesus Christ with his bride the Church will reign over resurrected mankind, bringing them into a condition of peace and prosperity they have never known.

This issue explores the experiences of this legendary king, his writings, and the glorious temple he built to replace the temporary tabernacle or tent, which had been considered God’s dwelling place up to that time.

Solomon’s Early Years describes the events before, during, and just after he was anointed and proclaimed king. Although not the obvious heir apparent, God overruled and he became the nation’s third king. His reign started out well, but ended badly, asSolomon’s Latter Years makes clear. Solomon stands as a warning that a good start is not enough; those who want to please God must continue in the right way until the end of their lives.

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and The Song of Solomon examine three books of the Bible attributed to Solomon. The first two books are filled with pithy observations about the foolishness of man’s wisdom, particularly when contrasted with God’s wisdom. The third is often ignored by students of the Bible, because as a love song, it seems out of place, perhaps even embarrassing. But, as the article suggests, it may be considered a poetic description of the seven-stage experience of the Church during this Gospel age.

The Temple of Solomon provides an in-depth look at the details associated with the magnificent structure erected by Solomon to the glory of God. It may well be the most beautiful house of worship ever constructed.

We end with Psalm 72, a verse-by-verse examination of one of two psalms where Solomon’s name appears in the superscription (Psalm 127 is the other). The words express the hopes King David had for his son.

We trust you will enjoy this review of one of the great personalities of the Bible, and extract lessons from Solomon’s life and writings that continue to be important to all who desire to please God.

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